Do you have big dreams but not sure how to get there or what to focus on because there are so many thing? 

Do you want to make money because starting a business always costs more than we think it will and turning a profit is hard (but would be awesome)?

Do you run a business-- an online shop, local boutique, non-profit, a ministry, multi-level marketing sales or a wild dream you are making happen-- and you really want this to work and you want to make it work faster that you can on your own? 

Do you struggle with making yourself a priority by putting everyone and everything else first? 

Are you exhausted-- worn out from the early mornings and late nights and ready to see a break through in all your striving? 


You can do this.

I want to help you do it better, quicker and with more Joy-filled freedom. 

I get it. I've been there. I am there... just maybe a little bit ahead in the process. I want to help you because I would've loved to have had someone help me when I first started. I wasted a lot of time. Pride kept me from getting a coach sooner because "Shouldn't I be able to do this on my own?!" Yes and no. I equate coaching to the same success I see in my friends who join a workout group or get a personal trainer. They have realized that yes they could do this own their own, but they weren't. So they got help and not only have they realized results but got there a whole lot faster than they would've had they tried it on their own. 

I want to make your pursuit of your dream-- the thing you are passionate about and meant to be doing well-- not just easier but more enjoyable. I want to help you maximize your efforts by helping you identify the parts of your current path that can change. I want to help you clarify your target and set realistic steps to get to that goal. 


Let's do this! Contact me today to set up your coaching session. I offer a complimentary 15 minute consultation if you would like to see if this could be the best option for you. 

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Coaching Session

  • Survey + Research. Essentially this replaces a session and allows us to both work at our own pace, gather our thoughts before we move forward with greater focus. You will fill out a questionnaire a week prior to our call. I will then review this and create unique questions for your goals and struggles. I will come ready with some next step suggestions, but we will also create a few organically once we have our call. 
  • One-hour video conference or call (your preference). We will work together to get you confident in your place + clarity in the direction you will head into + identify limitations & limiters (that we will put goals in place to eradicate) + own strengths & gifts + put in place several actionable items to bring about success. The goal is that at the end of the hour you walk away with an achievable plan that you resonate with and are excited to start living out!
  • Follow up email summarizing next steps + all links discussed.
  • 30 minute follow up session to check in on goals and set next round of goals (session schedule for 1 week to 1 month after initial session, depending on goals)

 Investment: $300 for one hour session or $500 for a three hours session.





Online Presence Review + Strategy Session

The greatest (and cheapest!) way to gain momentum for your personal and profession goals is having a solid online presence. Becky will walk through your website and social media outlets (Facebook + Instagram + Twitter) to give you feedback on how to bring about a clear message for your personal brand. In addition give you some tips and tricks to present a truer version of yourself and your brand/business online. In addition to ways to grow not just a larger following but a more engaged following.

Investment: $150 for 30 additional minutes or $250 for an hour session.


30 Days to Goal

For those that want to make it all happen and want to move quickly to do so, this is the best Add On package for you! You will move fast, you will work hard, you will do the scary, and you will see results. Each session we will follow up on the previous week’s goals and set new ones to continue momentum. The goal isn’t that you are busy but that you are busy doing the items that will create change and growth for your brand or business. 

Investment: $500 for four 30-minute weekly calls.


Myers-Briggs (Personality) Trait indicator (MBTI) + Consultation

You can go online and take some version of the MBTI (it's not actually the MBTI, but some hacks version) and you will get some result that will be helpful. Here is why I would strongly recommend taking the full MBTI and going through it with a certified MBTI assessor: you will guarantee the correct results (often times people test different than they actually are-- which is why they need someone to walk through it after) + you get customized feedback on how you can best respond to your results. I often have clients in tears halfway through because they've always though they were this way but thought they shouldn't be, they've spent a lifetime working on their weaknesses instead of living in their strengths. I want to help you come alive in who you are uniquely created to be because that person is beautiful. For more about Myers & Briggs Personality Assessment click here

Investment: $250 for Assessment and One Hour Consultation.