really fun news coming this fall!

Don't worry, I have no desire for a fan club of actual groupies (that would be so egotistical and weird).


The only desire I have is that I can teach you all the things I've learned as a Life Coach. I don't want you to follow me, I want you to follow the things I've learned.

It's time for you to become the person you know you were meant for. It's time for you to discover the things you were meant for and actually do it. It's time to grow your business or do something with those big dreams of yours!

This fall I will be launching Private Groups on Facebook, hence the word Group-ies. These groups will be private and have limited space available. Each day I will give you a new challenge for 30 days. You will be held accountable both by myself and those in your Group-ie. Everyone does better when you do something with a group-- you have to actually do something and report on it. Plus you get access to others doing the same thing you are doing-- finally going for it. You will learn from one another, challenge each other, teach one another simply by sharing your process and checking in on each daily challenge.  


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