10 Faces in Less than a Minute

The other night Chris and I were taking some pics of Karis in her chair. We usually take a ridiculous amount of pictures in a given setting and then once I upload them I delete about 90% of them. But I realized the other night when deleting, that some of these just needed to be posted. Because literally we only took pictures for a minute (and that includes stopping half way through to put on a bow). 

So I hope this makes you laugh.
This girl makes me laugh constantly through out the day and you are about to see why...

She was looking at the stuffed animal in the chair. She was a little scared by the very intimidating teddy bear.  (Side note: This is a great view of her built in Bump It. I tell her at least weekly that she has a head shaped perfectly for some Texas hair!)

Then she spotted her Daddy. He always brings out this face. Don't you love how when she smiles she opens her mouth all the way?

Um, what do you mean you aren't going to pick me up? I have to stay in this chair? 

Fine then. If you are going to take pictures, then I'm going to play hard to get. 

Oh is that a curtain? I haven't ever tasted that before. Hmm...

Mommy, what's that you say, you don't want me to eat that?

Let me think about it...

If I smile really pretty, will you forget that rule?

Hold on, I'm working up a "present" for you...

Now I'm hungry and that looks too good to resist. 

Have a great weekend!