10 reasons...

Today is our 10 month-versary. So here are 10 reasons why I love Chris and am so thankful the Lord intends for us to be married...

1. You so genuinely love and pursue Christ. My mom had you nailed when she said, "I'm so thankful you aren't one of those pretentious Christians." You genuinely love Him. You don't pretend your walk is some where that it's not. Even though you could fake and walk through the motions you don't. You really want to know Him and pursue Jesus and live for Him. It's the one of the main things I always wanted in the man that I was going to marry one day. I've prayed for you for years that the Lord would make and keep you real.

2. You are in no way handicapped by your past. This is another one of the big things I had always prayed for. Everyone- whether they want to or not- has a past. What matters is what we do with them. You have allowed and begged the Lord to use your past to make you stronger. You are more mature and relatable because you aren't handicapped by your experiences. You use the good, the bad and the ugly for His glory!!!

3. You are a stronger leader than I am. Knowing that the Lord has gifted me in leadership I knew I would have to marry someone that is a stronger leader than me. I have been learning in my preparation for Ephesians about submission. Putting myself under your leadership is generally speaking (not always) easy. I can trust that you will lead us in God's path. I trust that you seek Him for guidance for our (now) family. You are a man that people watch and follow what you do. It is a natural gift that God has truly blessed you with.

4. You are the best friend I have ever known- to me and to others. Paula set a pretty good standard about what a friend should look like. You have blown me out of the water. I am so thankful that you aren't just my fiance, but you truly are my best friend. I think that is one of the reasons why these past few days have been weird for me. When I want to pick up the phone and talk to you I can't. You listen so fabulously to everything and give me the advice and love I need. You get excited with me, grieve with me, gripe with me and laugh with me. Not to mention that you are such a great friend to others. I don't know anyone that stays such good friends with people like you do. And it's not just Facebook surface, you really want to know what's going on in other's lives.

5. I love your heart for ministry. I love that you so desperately want to pour into others. I know that our house will always be open. We will always be pouring our lives into other people. I am so thankful to be with someone who has a bigger heart for ministry than I do! I am so challenged by you to serve others like you do. You don't just talk about it, but you fill in the gap where the body needs you. You don't just serve in the areas that are cool or noticed. You serve where God leads you. Also, I love that right now your biggest heart for ministry is our marriage and that you knew you needed to step down from leadership so that you can focus on our marriage.

6. I love you passion for corporate America- specifically ExxonMobil. When I was in college I got frustrated with all my friends because they all wanted to be missionaries. Don't get me wrong, I fully support and encourage missions. But I feel like every day we are surrounded by people who just don't get it. I love that you have such a passion for the people you work with. That you really share your life with them. I love that you had a portion of your budget set aside so you can have lunch with your co-workers. I love that you care more about their lives than the code that you have to work on that day. I love that you work so hard at your job. Too many Christians are so lazy at work. But you, honey, you "work for the Lord and not for men."

7. I love how wise you are with your finances. I am so thankful that you are not a slave to your money because of debt or greed. You have had a fabulous example from your family on how to handle your finances. However, you could have easily used that as an opportunity to be lazy knowing they could always help you out. You watch every penny. You are never greedy with your money when it comes to giving. I love how much you want to use your finances to bless others and to bless God. I love that you are so adamant that we will not be enslaved to debt, but that we will surrender our finances to God.

8. I love your body (let's be honest). I love your eyes. I still get lost in them and don't hear what you are saying sometimes. I love that your smile can completely comfort me. I love that your hug fits so perfectly in my arms. I love that you take care of your body and have stayed in shape. I love that you are committed, with me, to eat healthy and honor God with what we put in us. I love how you look from the back (you know I had to say that). I love how your hands fit in mine as if the Lord specifically created them to be held by me. I love how you look in shorts and a t-shirt and I love how you look in a suit. You are the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on.

9. I love how you love me. That sounds super cheesy, but I mean it. You love as Christ loves the church (Ephesians 5). Teaching on those verses this week made me appreciate you so much. You are constantly serving me and sacrificing for me. You try to love me in my "language"- a healthy balance of time, words and touch. You can read me like a book and know just how to respond. And you still love me during those crazy times of the month- that's real love! You don't just ask me to do things, you do them first.

10. I love how you love the St. Louis Cardinals. I may not be the world's biggest Cardinal fan. Give me more time. But I love how you become a little boy again when the Cards are on. I love how if they are playing you want to watch every play. Or if we can't get to a TV you watch in on their website. I love that you believe in them no matter how many games they are behind. I love how you hate the Cubs! I love that you fling the towel around in the living room believe that will keep them going.

Honey these are just a few of the reasons I love you!!!