101.1, surprises and birds

101.1 was my temperature yesterday. I woke up not feeling so good and took my temp just to see if I could still go to work. At 6:00am it was only 100.3, but that is still too high to go into work (I work with 90 kids and 20 college students, and since school starts next week I needed to stay clear). By 9:00am my temp was up to 101.1, so I called my doc.

Chris is the SWEETEST HUSBAND EVER!!! He came home from work and took me to the doc. I got lots of meds and a couple of shots but the doc said I had to stay clear from people till Thursday!! I hate taking sick days when I'm really sick. Chris also brought me home a Sonic drink -- one of my favorite afternoon splurges. Thank you honey.

A huge THANK YOU to the fantastic Day Camp counselors!!! Not only are they totally running the last week of camp on their own (sans a few calls to me during the day), three of them came and surprised me last night. They brought: their smiling faces, flowers, card, 2 cans of chicken soup, gaterade, cookies and sushi! Does my staff know me or what?! :)

So now for the birds, really just bird...

I'm going to start this off by saying a couple of things:
1. I don't know how to accurately portray the events that took place yesterday, so use your imagination and know that whatever you are imagining it was 10 times worse.
2. I am deathly afraid of birds. Not just I'm a girl and scream when birds come around, but DEATHLY afraid!! I don't know why. Maybe my parents let me watch The Birds at too young of an age. But know that I am petrifide of birds.

So yesterday as we were leaving the doctor's office I noticed a putrid smell (positive: I could finally breath through my nose again-- praise that doctor for whatever he sprayed up my nose). As I opened the door to the car I noticed something mangled and stuck in the guard rails/step up thingy on Chris' car. As I looked closer I could tell what it was: a dead bird. Yes, you read that right. A dead, rotting bird was some how stuck in Chris' step up thing to his SUV. Chris and I were both freaking out. We decided we'd go to a gas station and try to get it out with the windshield wiper (by the way, I will never use one of those again, who knows what its been used for) deal and then wash the car. We get to the gas station and Chris tries to pry the rotting bird with magets attacking it, but it wouldn't budge. So finally I grab the windshield wiper and scraped the bird out. I was screaming like someone was attacking me and as I started crying hysterically Chris grabbed the wiper back and finished scrapping away the remaining parts. GROSS doesn't even describe this experience. Tramatic might.