27 years ago today...

I was born. I am 27 years old today (Cue chorus of "Happy Birthday" here).

I haven't hit that stage in life where I am depressed that I am getting older. So far life has proved that each year gets better, so I'm holding out that this year will be even better than 26.

Although that will be a pretty hard to do-- 26 was an unforgettable year.

This was the year that I also hit being a Christian for 10 years. But I can honestly say that my walk has grown more in this past year than all other 9 years combined. I mean it. I think I am coming into my own faith like I've never done before. I am no longer trying to copy the faith of others, but simply pursue Christ with my everything. I've embraced that my life will not look the way I thought it would or should. For the first time I have stepped out in faith without having to place fleece out for every decision. I trusting His leading and knowing His voice. Not that I have it all together, who does (see Moses, Paul, David, etc.)? But I know I am pursuing Christ, loving Christ and knowing Christ more.

I can't wait to see what He does with 27.

So if you could give me a piece of advice for 27, what would you say?

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(Even though I look like an alien here, I like this picture. It's proof that I was born blond. Do you think I was working up a present for mom in my diaper?).