36 1/2 Weeks: Update & More Pics!!

It seems impossible that I only have 24 days till my due date. But according to 78% of you there is NO way I will make it all the way to my due date. So we will see how good y'all are at guessing! Of course I want her to come when she is ready, but I really can't wait to meet her. So, I hope you are right. :)

More Maternity Pictures are here!!
As promised, Sarah (with Fish Lips Photography) has posted some new pics from my maternity session with HER edits (remember I said my edits were done by my amateur self in iPhoto).

So check out the pictures HERE and email Sarah at sarahelizabethcraig@gmail.com to set up your next session. It's too good of a deal to pass up on. I'm just sayin'.

Update on Momma and Karis:
We went to the OB today and found out that I am still 50% effaced and she still hasn't dropped yet BUT I have now started to dilate and am now between 1 and 2. So progress has begun!

I was praying this morning that I would be content in whatever the exam showed, but I was really really hoping for some progress. My contractions had stopped after last week but last night they started coming every ten-ish minutes (that's an estimate because I'm not allowing myself to time them till they get intense) and kept me up all night. So I was hoping that since they were back and didn't go away with the usual tricks that maybe they were doing something... and they were!

After asking my doctor if I could go to San Antonio this week for my niece's birthday he decided to give me his prediction of when she would come!

Are you ready to hear? Are you sure?

Ok... his exact words: "Well you are going to have her one day in the next month for sure."

Thanks a lot Dr. Cone. :) He laughed at the answer too. Basically that was his was of saying: there's no guarantee, anything can happen. He then followed it all up with I wouldn't go to San Antonio. So I will just be a part of the party via Skype.

Karis is doing good. Her heartbeat is still such an incredible thing to hear each time! And she is cracking me and her daddy up constantly. It's like a little alien has taken over my tummy... just a 6lb child! It contorts to all sorts of funny shapes. She moves the most after each contraction (thinking she likes those as much as me) and also in the middle of the night.

The nursery is all done. I will have to post more pics soon. And we completed our registries this past weekend. After all our showers and incredibly generous friends and family we only had to spend a little bit out of pocket to get what else we needed... ok, wanted. :)

*For those that are wondering how we will let people know once we go into labor, the game plan is that my sister-in-law, Katie is the going to be our main point of contact. She will have my phone and computer log ins. So she will update Twitter and Facebook as things happen and occasionally the blog too. But on my blog wall I have my Twitter feed if you aren't on Twitter.