A Game Changer for our Marriage

I've mentioned that this past year has been the first year for Chris and I that we actually had to fight for our marriage. We had always heard that within the first 7 years, everyone has their year. Turns out this was ours. Don't over read that, we weren't headed to attorney's at all, but it wasn't easy (which, for us, it sort of had been).

As I side note, I need to say: I am so thankful to have a man who is willing to fight for our marriage. Chris doesn't hide behind his job. Chris doesn't believe in pretense-- what you see is what you get with him. And he put in the fight for our marriage this past year right along side me... often ahead of me as he dragged me along with him never giving up. 

There have been several things that we've done this past year to work on our marriage, but one thing stands out above and beyond anything else we did.

Our good friend, personality expert and really wise guy, Steve Knox, invited us to participate in a new program he was considering launching with his personal coaching company, Orbiting Normal.

What's the program? A marriage communication intensive.

Yep, it's basically as scary as it sounds. Half kidding.

By scary I only mean you and your spouse will come face to face with your very real issues and Steve is going to speak a lot of honesty and insight into exactly how you've been feeling and living. I guess it's scary in the same way as it's scary for someone who is about to train for a half marathon. The task is so daunting but the finish line is so worth it (at least that's what I've been told by all my friends who keep signing up for those crazy things).

And guess what friends? Now it's available to you too! The program has officially launched. However due to the amount of time it takes, Steve is taking a limited amount of couples at a time, so contact him ASAP if you are at all interested.

Some guarantees from me before I tell you more about the program: 

*This is worth it, don't wait till you need it. So many of us wait to do something for our marriage when it's already in trouble. Listen, if it is in trouble, do this! But if it's not, it will save you so much trouble in the future!
*Whatever the cost, you can afford it. I know that may seem like a presumptuous statement to you but I'm saying that because I've gone through it. Steve asked us on our last session what we felt like would be a fair price and we were both speechless. How do you put a number on something that has changed your marriage so much? After a few moments of being speechless I said, "If you'd asked me on the first week I would've said $100 (less than a basic marriage conference). But now, after all we've learned, I would say at least $1,000." Don't worry, it doesn't cost anywhere near that amount. I just wanted to share the value.
*You will learn NEW things about yourself, your partner and your marriage  I would say 98% of what Steve said to us was new information. So if you've feel like you read or heard it all on marriage, you haven't. Not yet anyway. :)
*You will be very encouraged and empowered. I think this surprised me the most. Chris and I have never felt more encouraged and more empowered in our marriage. What a difference a month with Steve will make! Because of Steve's unique expertise in personalities you will learn how to best mesh your two distinct personalities to make a really cool life together.

What the program includes: 
*Initial 30 minute consultation
*Three 60 minute couples coaching sessions
*Two personality Assessments with Analysis
*Communication and Conflict resources
*Follow-up Consultation
*Unlimited e-mail support

I'll stop now because I could go on and on and on about this (clearly). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me any time and I'd be happy to answer your questions. Or if you are really interested go ahead and contact Steve directly by emailing him at steve@orbitingnormal.com.

You can read about one lesson I learned from Steve here: "Choosing to depend on our men."