Will you be in our small group?

I have wanted to host an Advent study in our home for the past two years but just couldn't pull it off as I was launching Sacred Holidays. So I am THRILLED that I can finally invite people into my home (that will be decorated ridiculously early for Christmas)!

I am teaming up with the lovely, wise, and always-got-your-back Tia Plum. You will love her. You will want her to be your best friend or mentor you or both. 

So how will this work? Not exactly sure yet. Ha! We know we DO NOT want this to make the holidays more chaotic for you. No one needs ANOTHER thing to do during the holidays. However, research proves that when people gather together there is greater accountability to finish something and you get more out of it. 






We will be going through the Sacred Holidays Advent Women's Study, He Is: The Attributes of God. 

You will do the Bible study independently during the week and then we will come together to discuss weekly. The study has discussion questions, so we will go through those and/or go wherever the group goes organically. This study is Advent/Christmas focused while studying the attributes of God. Each day a different attribute of who God is, written by myself and 24 other rockstar contributors

Here are a few more details about our group:

  • Every Sunday, Nov 27 (First day of Advent) through Dec 18. We will not meet to discuss the last week since that is Christmas day. The group will pick a final date to wrap up and celebrate likely after the holidays. 
  • 7:30 to 9pm. We want to start late enough for those that have families to be able to still be with them through dinner, but maybe you can skip out on bedtime (score!). We also will be strict to wrap up by 9pm for those who work or aren't night owls. We will be prompt to start and end on time.
  • Happy Hour (Really Happy Half Hour). Our home will open up starting at 7pm for snacks and holiday spirits. We will have super yummy treats that are not sugar free or weight watchers approved (sorry, not sorry). We will also have a special holidays cocktail each week along with water and coffee. 
  • We will meet at my home in the Woodlands, Texas. I will share the address with those that sign up. 
  • Anyone is welcome... while space is available. I am capping this group at 25 people. So once we've had that many people sign up, then we will close registration. Womp womp. 
  • We need you to be committed to the group. Since space is limited, we need to know you are committed to this. Of course we don't want to add one more thing to your plate. A big heart of Sacred Holidays is simplifying your Christmas. So we don't want to just fill your calendar with another thing. So if your calendar is full, this might not be the best year for you. We are asking for everyone that signs up, that they commit to coming to at least 3 of the 4 sessions. 

Sounds like something you should do? Sign up TODAY!

So sorry, this group is full. Hope you can join next time! You can check out the Sacred Holidays Small Groups page to see if there is another one in your area. 


SOOOO hope you can do it!