Advice about Mother-In-Laws

Before I was married I heard horror stories about Mother-in-Laws. This use to scare me.

And then I met Chris' Mom and I fell in love. She is an amazing woman that I have so much to learn from. So being around her isn't ever something I dread. In fact I LOVE it when we get to sneak away to Odessa for a visit or when they come in town. But I know that my relationship and feelings toward my Mother-in-Law is rare.

But this post isn't about my Mother-in-Law specifically, but about Mother-in-Laws in general.

I was sharing with my accountability group last week that I have noticed when I am around my parents and Chris' parents that I can get a little stressed when it comes to Karis. It has NOTHING to do with them, and everything to do with me.

Some might call it controlling. I prefer in control. ;)
Anyway, whatever you call it, I don't like it. And I want to change.

Well Jen gave me the best advice (there's a reason she's the director of MOPS at Houston's First):

"When my kids were younger I had a realization that changed how I viewed my Mother-in-Law: 
I love my husband and adore how he turned out. 
And that is largely because of his Mom. 
I realized that she did a great job raising the man I decided to spend the rest of my life with, 
I realized instead of me trying to show her how to be with my child, 
I observed how she naturally is with my children and I learned a lot. 
And I realized that the very few things I wouldn't do, wouldn't hurt anything in a short visit."

I hesitated to even share this because I didn't want you to think that I have a bad relationship with my Mother-in-Law or that I don't like how she is with Karis. It has NOTHING to do with her (or any of my in laws) and everything to do with my controlling tendencies. I shared this with my accountability group because I wanted to work on how I am around really anyone who is loving on Karis. This advice was just too good not to share. I know many people have this same issues-- whether that have a good relationship with their in-laws or not.

This is Karis and her Grammy. I don't know who is more smitten with the other.