All I Need is You

Yesterday my husband (that is so fun to say) went to the store to get some parts to install our closet doors. I used that time to meet with the Lord. It was a face-to-face encounter that needed to happen. Through the chaos of wedding planning, moving and the holidays my time with Him has been rushed and I am feeling the distance!

Lately I have been feeling a sense of emptiness/sadness. This is so strange because as I reviewed 2007 I saw how the Lord had answered prayers of mine. Some of them I had been pleading over for years! In one year the Lord brought me Chris (a husband), financial stability, a job in ministry (both at HFBC and with Arbonne), great friendships and weight loss. Each of these things I have been pleading with the Lord to bring me for years!

So why did I feel so sad/empty? It didn’t make sense. Each of the big things I had been praying for all these years had been answered just the way I hoped they would.

As I was journaling I realized something, I have all my wants and it’s not enough.

JESUS IS ALL I NEED. That might sound super spiritual or cheesy Christian. But it is a simple truth that I just didn’t get. HE IS ALL I NEED. I wrote those words down in big capitalized letters in my journal.

This is where the Lord just confirmed that I had come to the right conclusion… at that exact moment, the Ipod started playing, “All I Need is You” by Hillsong. Don’t you love that when the Lord confirms what you felt He just spoke to your heart? Sometimes my weak faith just needs that audible confirmation.

It is amazing how my attitude changed once I realized that these things that I have received aren’t what are meant to fulfill me because they aren’t what I need.

Chris is an incredible man and husband, but at the end of the day he isn’t all that I need. To my single friends, I am praying over you this week that you would realize that Jesus is all you need. It isn't wrong to long for and pray that the Lord would bring you your man. Keep doing that! It’s natural. But know that when your man comes, Christ will still be the only one who will fulfill all your needs!

When the weight loss comes that you have desired for so long, Christ will still be the only thing you need.

When the debt is all paid and savings has been built up, Christ will still be the only thing you need.

When ________________, Christ will still be the only thing you need.