All Things New

I just entered a stage I am calling… “A Things New.” I don’t know of very many things in my life that aren’t new. Here are a few for you to check out if you don’t already know…

New Marriage/Husband. Not yet. Don’t worry. We didn’t elope. But in 19 days I will marry Christopher James Kiser the most wonderfully godly and fabulous man I have ever known.

New Job. That is right. This girl does everything 150%! A new marriage didn’t seem like a challenge enough, so I took on a new job. I am officially the Recreation Associate at Houston’s First Baptist Church. You should come by and check out my cute new office. You heard me right office. Good by cubicle. I will miss the people but not my little 5x5 space.

New Body. That might sound/read awkward. But I have lost 20 pounds! Taking me finally into the single digit pants sizes!! Hello friend, I’ve missed you. I joined Weight Watchers (with whom I have previously lost 30lbs) and started their Core Program: endless amounts (within a comfort zone) of fruits, veggies, whole grains, low fat dairy and lean meats. Yummy!

New Sunday School Class (oh oops…. Adult Bible Study). I can’t tell you how weird (and sad) it is on Sundays to not be focusing on my Sunday school lesson to teach that night. Chris and I will start going to the newly wed/nearly wed class in January. In the mean time we are just going to the service (when we are in town). So strange.

New Word from the Lord. This past year has been a struggle in the Word if I'm going to be honest. There has never been a time in my spiritual journey when I was so challenge to persevere even when I haven't felt things. But here recently His Word is like fresh water on these dry lips!! Speaking to and sharpening me with each word. Love it!!

Those are just a few of the bigs ones. I’m sure I’m leaving something out, but I am having a hard time keeping up with it all.

I am SO THANKFUL for all of these things. This past year has been a season of me waiting and begging for the Lord to show me His purposes for my life. During this year he has led me to Chris, led me to a new job, led me through teaching a Sunday school class (I stepped down so we could focus on our marriage) and led me to really respect what I put in my body.

This is a very exciting time!!!