And the doctor found... TWINS!

We had another ultrasound and you wouldn't believe what the doctor found... TWINS!

It was so bizarre too. Chris and I have always wanted twins, Chris especially. Plus we both come from families of twins-- Chris is a twin and my grandmother miscarried several sets of twins... so we had hoped that it would come to us eventually. Every time we have an ultrasound he asks the doctors to check just in case. Who would've though that at 21 weeks they would just find the other one?!

What was so cute was how they were interacting.

Baby 2 was pulling on Karis' leg... just like I'm pulling on yours! :)

Happy April Fools Day everyone.

Please don't hate me for doing an April Fools joke. I know this one might have taken it too far, but that's what I do. I cross the line. Now just pass it on... just not to me. ;)

For those that are still confused. First, bless your heart and I love you and sorry for the disappointment you are about to feel. Second, it was an April Fools joke. We are not having twins. I'm just a sick person who really likes April Fools Day. Blame my mother for instilling in me a love for her two favorite holidays: April Fools Day (the day of lies) and Halloween (the day of all things hidden).