Anniversary #Cotton

Surprise! This isn't Becky... she's been wanting me to write on here for a while so I figure what better time to start than right before we go on vacation so I won't succumb to the blogosphere's pressure to post within a certain time frame :)
After almost 11 months of work with 4 days of vacation taken, it's finally time to unplug and re-energize. I can tell, especially from this past week, that I'm starting to get a very short fuse. I'm writing people's names wrong in emails at work, I'm misspelling words (which just doesn't happen... it's my OCD that usually keeps that in check)... I'm just ready for a nap.
The best part of our trip will be staying in a Bed & Breakfast in Gruene, TX. The cabin overlooks the Guadalupe River. There's a porch with two rocking chairs. Ahhh, if I didn't know any better I'd think Becky and I were celebrating our 20 year anniversary after 4 kids and a dog (well you're never really AFTER kids, but I digress) instead of our 2nd. Life is fast paced in our home so I'm sure we will be shaking after spending 30 minutes in solitude in the room. But we've made a commitment to rest and that's what we're going to do. Lots of reading... lots of talking about the future together, dreaming and praying for God to guide and direct us down a path that honors and glorifies Him. It won't all be spiritual, I'm sure we'll have a few dance parties in the room with music from our iPhones (we don't dance in public, and no you won't be sorry you missed it), walk around with our arms around each other seeing which one can squeeze the other one the hardest (fun games we play), and laugh if we see someone in a frantic panic to get something done (it's nice to laugh at yourself from an outsiders perspective). All in all I have high hopes.
So for husbands, invest in your wives. In Christ before her, in her with time before money, with money before debt. That's our framework. This week I'll seek to love my wife. I get to be around someone uninterrupted for a week that I admire, adore and cherish greatly. I love her to death. So for all of you that think we'll be suffering in our quaint solitude, here's proof that we won't be :) Thanks for being our friends, we love y'all.