Another strange dream!

Y’all I had another weird dream last night. This one was a bit more disturbing though…

Chris and I were engaged (not married) and we were at camp (like a Pinecove for adults or something) with all of our friends, but we went home at night to Houston. I still lived with my girlfriends and Chris lived alone.

Well in the dream, Chris all of a sudden breaks up with me!!!!!!

I was shocked and couldn’t believe it. Everything in our relationship was the same as it had been before. Chris and I since the second week into the relationship never once doubted the relationship. We unwaveringly knew that we would be married. So imagine the horror and grief that struck me when he broke up with me!!!

What was worse was he didn’t care it all. He just said his feelings for me were gone and it was over. He wasn’t sad. He just went on with life.

Then, the next day he came and got the ring. He wanted to return it and get his money back! He knew the relationship was over and there was no reason to drag it out any longer.

I laid in bed (actually Paula’s bed) and cried for days! This morning I woke up so sad. Chris got back in bed (he wakes up at least an hour before I do) and cuddled with me and said he loves me and he is never leaving me. So sweet! I kept trying to fall back asleep and try to finish my dream so I could change it.

All right all you dream interpreters, what do you think of this one?