An Appropriate Gift

I saw on our Pottery Barn registry that someone bought us a gift over the weekend.

Not just any gift, but a Piggy Bank (the pink one, of course):

As soon as I saw that was our first gift purchased off our registries, I immediately thought to myself: "This person must really know my husband. "

Sure enough I came home today to a box on the door step and we opened it and saw that Evelyn, one of Chris' oldest friends, had sent it. Naturally she would pick this out. She has seen Chris' penny pinching ways since they were kids.

I feel certain that Chris will enforce that Karis really understand the purpose of the Piggy Bank. He will not allow it to be decor, but it will be functional. I love that Chris is already thinking of ways to set Karis up with her own Quicken account and when is the right age to start using it. FYI: He is thinking Pre-K or early elementary. Don't you just love my husband? He is so unique and I couldn't love him more.