April Photo Challenge: Days 1-7

Anyone else doing the April Photo Challenge by FatMumSlim?

Day 1: Your Reflection

Our reflection before first swim class. Clearly I was really looking forward to this but she wasn't so sure about it. 

I had a blast and Karis still wasn't so sure about swim class. She clung to be pretty tightly, but the teacher said she did really good compared to most kids her age on the first day. So I was relieved to hear the clinging and apprehension was normal. But she did really enjoy it about half way through.

Day 2: Colour

Easter baskets were brought to you by the Target $1 Aisle, Michaels $1 Aisle, Marshalls (where everything is $3 or less) and got the Veggie Tales freak a DVD from Lifeway.

Found these really fun and beautiful wall hangings for Karis' room. Love when Home Goods does a 40% off sale on wall hangings! Don't you just love the words on that painting? I wasn't planning on buying anything for her room that day but when I saw that sign with those words I knew I had to get it.

Day 3: Mail

This is what I was at Home Goods for that day. Our new hallway table. It's my favorite color and the piece I've been looking for since we moved in to this place.

Day 4: Someone who makes you happy

No one else on the planet comes close to making me as happy as these two. They are the people I always will prefer to be around.

And how can this view not make you happy. I just love her one of a kind personality. 

Day 5: Tiny

World's tiniest pigtail. So ready for this hair to grow!!!

Day 6: Lunch

We had a really fun Easter Egg Hunt for lots of families at our complex. Between Karis' loot from that and all our Easter baskets, I'll be eating candy for lunch for the next few months. Anyone want to come over for a lunch date to help clean out our stock?

Day 7: Shadow

Karis discovered her shadow and was having so much fun waving at it. Timed perfectly for this challenge!

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