April Photo Challenge: Days 15-21

Idea brought to you by April Photo Challenge by FatMumSlim
Day 15: Sunset

Didn't catch the sunset, but the sunrise that morning was pretty amazing and the perfect way to prepare for my lesson. 

Day 16: Flower

I do love flowers, but something about balloons make me oh so happy! Happy 30th birthday to me!

Day 17: Something you don't like

Karis doesn't like the paparazzi that are her parents. 

And she didn't like getting her first boo-boo. 

Day 18: Hair

Karis, being the bow connoisseur that she is, wanted to show her new cousin, Shelby, how to make any hair style look cuter: Just add a bow!

Day 19: Orange

That day I just so happened to bake two things that were orange: Emily Skagg's King Ranch Chicken Casserole (wow was it good) and banana bread (do you like how I did have a bread pan, so I baked it in a brownie pan). 

And Karis, without prompting was obsessed with handing me the orange letters at bath. So, of course, I ran to snap a pic. 

Day 20: Something you drew

Karis could spend hours on this thing. She is obsessed with pens and colors and this magnadoodle. 

Day 21: Bottle

Who needs a bottle when you can have a lovely cup of tea? I had such a great time with the ladies at River Hills Baptist Church! 

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