April Photo Challenge: Days 8-14

Idea brought to you by April Photo Challenge by FatMumSlim

Day 8: Inside your wallet

Will always be money for a makeover. So fun to treat my little cousins to a mini-makeover. 



Beautiful, of course, before, but now their mom is going to have to put a curfew on these girls!

Day 9: Younger you

Must've been a slow news day because a Houston Chronicle reporter stopped and snapped this picture of me and my great-grandma and ran it in the paper! 

Day 10: Cold

Our new tradition on Monday and Tuesday nights: we let her stay up a little late to watch our show. It's the ONLY time she cuddles and I love every second of it!

Day 11: Where you ate breakfast

These two aunts, two cousins and one big sis had shipleys and starbucks as we waited for Shelby to be born!

This was their first peek at her. One cousin was so ready for a little nap, one could hardly handle it, and one little sis was realizing the lime light was now shared. 

Day 12: Stairs

OK, maybe not ready for stairs yet, but it's still cute! 

Day 13: Something you found

Some really amazing friends. Jen, Annalee and Kelley are more than friends and even more than accountability partners. Oh I'm so thankful I found them! 

Day 14: How you feel today

I feel 30...

I feel so thankful to have this man as my man. And let's be honest, this dinner as my dinner.

I feel like no other job has come close to meaning as much as raising and loving this little girl.
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