Are you looking for a Women's Class on Sundays?

I know I have mentioned before that I teach a class, but I don't think I've ever really talked about it before. This past week I was thinking that I should invite all you blog readers to the class in case you are looking for something. And Sunday I got an email from one of you saying you read the blog and wanted to check out the class. That confirmed it, it was time for a formal invitation.

If you are a woman (sorry guys)
I'd love to see your face on Sundays
in Oxygen (that's the class' name)!

At Houston's First Baptist Church
on Sunday mornings at 8:20am
in the Garden Room (by the Cafe).

Here are a few of my favorite things about Oxygen:

*The variety of women-- I love that our class ranges in age from young 20s to late 50s, married and single, new to Christianity and deeply rooted.

*The size of the class-- we are a small group of women. Usually we have about 12 in class (sometimes more, sometimes less). What's so great about this is we are able to really share about our lives in discussion and all get to know one another.

*The time-- I know, gasp! It seems early but what's great is this allows you two options:
1. Use the class as your only Bible Study: You are done with church at 10:30am when the service is done. Talk about having your whole Sunday free!
2. Use the class as a supplemental Women's Class (if you aren't doing another already during the week and want to connect with just women some where): This allows you to still go to one of the fabulous Singles Married classes at a regular time or that night.

*What we are studying-- we committed to walk through Colossians 3 for a year. We just finished a 6 month series on verses 1-17 talking about what we are to put to death and what we are to cloth ourselves in. Starting this week we are moving into a new series-- Christian Roles (the rest of Colossians 3). Over the next three months we will look at what the Bible says about being a wife, husband, child, parent, slave, master, etc. Also, we will be bringing in some guests to share on those topics as well. It's going to be a great series!

*It's a new class-- so you won't walk in and feel like the groups are already formed. There is always an open chair and the ladies love it when new people come.

So consider yourself officially invited to check Oxygen out. Shoot me an email ( or comment if you have any questions about the class or are planning to attend.