Are you on Pintrest?

When I first heard about Pintrest I wanted nothing to do with it. Seriously, one more time waster? No thank you.

BUT, I really love creative things. I am not creative. I don't say this with false humility, I'm truly not. Every time I attempt creativity it ends up looking crafty, not artsy. Some people like crafty and that is fine totally fine. I just don't like the look of crafty personally. But I love the look of artsy things. Does that make any sense? So even though personally I am not creative, I thoroughly enjoy all things creative.

So with that said, I finally joined. Actually I think i joined a month or so ago and have done nothing with it because I was so overwhelmed by learning something new. I am not creative nor am I good at learning new things on the computer. For some reason I always need a live person to walk me through it (I think it all goes back to my Montessori beginning education). Well Sarah gave me a live instruction of it yesterday and I am hooked.

So all Pintrest people give me your best tips: 
*What is your link? (I'd love to follow you)
*Who are your favorite people to follow?

And, of course, I'd love you to follow me too: