Attacked in the Ice Cream Aisle

Something about having a basketball sized belly some how translates to random strangers: "Please give me all the advice you have and every horror story you have every heard about pregnancy." It really hasn't gotten annoying (yet), I'm still in that stage where it just cracks me up.

I had to share this story with you because it was just that ridiculous.

On Sunday Chris took me to Kroger to pick out whatever gallon of ice cream I wanted (could he be a better hubs?). So as we were standing in that aisle debating which flavor Blue Bell to get, it happened...

A very energetic woman walked up and squealed: "You're pregnant!" You would think that she knew me. She didn't.

Then she started pulling out a gallon of Groom's Cake ice cream and said that this flavor got her through her pregnancy and I would just love it, I should get it. She read me the description, she should've known that fruit chunks and swirls in ice cream make me want to throw up. She didn't notice. Then she pulled out some Coffee ice cream and said that her husband loves this, turns to Chris and tells him he must get this.

I was a little taken back by all that had just occurred and all I could get out was: "Do you work for Blue Bell?" Nice Becky. Real smooth. I wasn't being rude. I honestly thought, someone with this enthusiasm for ice cream must be a representative.

Then, and I promise I'm NOT exaggerating, she proceeding to talk to me for FIFTEEN MINUTES.

Note she had grabbed her ice cream gallons at the very beginning of the conversation. No joke, her chin started quivering half way through her monologue. She even apologized for it several times but some how kept on talking!

Here are a few of the topics she was sure to talk about--

It started off normal: when are you do? what are you having? etc.

Next it took a step into crossing the line since we are strangers: "So have you decided if you are going natural?" I let her know that I am not planning on it. Then she tries to convince me of how our bodies can do it, etc. I let her know I have done lots of research and have tons of friends that have proved to me that it is in fact possible, I just don't want that experience.

Then it took a turn, a VERY wrong turn: "You know the one thing I didn't expect was all the fluids that come out of you! From the moment my water broke... water... discharge... mucus... blood..." I'll stop. She didn't, but I will.

And the final cherry on top: "So where do y'all live?" I was so afraid she'd ask for my number and want to set up a play day. But as the Lord willed, the chin quivering hit a rate she couldn't control and needed to go check out and get back to her husband and baby that had been waiting for her the whole time.

Note: I really don't mean to try to talk rude about her. She was as sweet as could be, it was just a really funny story that had to be shared and recorded.