Aunt Becky

My brother and sister-in-law, Nils and Katie, gave us the best Christmas prestent EVER!!! I'm going to be an Aunt!

They are calling him/her "bean" right now (because that's all it looks like). Katie is about 9 weeks a long. The docs aren't 100%sure yet, but the baby will come around July. I couldn't be more happy by this news! My mom's reaction was priceless! I think they'll post that video on their blog soon. Pray for this sweet one and it's momma. Katie has been doing pretty good, just really exhausted. You can follow them at their new blog here.
Update on the survey (our baby plans): We are planning on waiting at least one more year. But you better believe I have baby fever like crazy now that this baby is on the way! :) And you know my Mom put all kinds of pressure on us this past week. But the grandma's will have to wait a while longer for a Kiser baby to come... unless they pray really hard for a miracle (and I wouldn't put it past them).