Awkward Momenet #2 (for the day)

So staying on the subject of people not covering up (see blog below), I just had the most AWKWARD experience at work. Yes I work at a church. I'm guessing you are confused how naked people and awkward moments would happen at a church.

Well, during my lunch break I thought I'd check out some of my favorite blogs. Well someone had posted that Lauren Conrad smokes. I know this is very unimportant news to most people, but we love the Hills. And this shocked me. So I went to google and typed in "Lauren Conrad Smoking" and clicked on images. I wanted to see for myself if she did. I figured with as much paparazzi as there are in this world, they'd have a pic if it was true. Well I couldn't find any pics on the first page. The second page the pic wasn't clear, so I clicked on it to get a bigger view.

That's when it happened...

When I clicked on that picture on my screen pops up porntube (don't go to it, but apparently they really do have this). I tried to x it out and it wouldn't let me. I'm freaking out. Not only do I not want to look at this but, remember, I work at a church. Control-Alt-Delete totally saved the day! Plus, a quick note to HR and the tech guy to let them know it was NOT intended. :) Hopefully I still have a job on Monday.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time I had to email them that I had happened upon some inappropriate stuff online. Two years ago on another lunch break I was prepping for my Sunday school lesson. That week we were studying circumcision. I wanted to find out more info about what actually happens, what it feels like, etc. I figured it wouldn't be gross and if there were any pics it would be little infants and that's not weird (I've changed many a diaper). Well to my surprise Wikipedia had a full frontal pic of an ADULT man that had been circumcised. So gross. Same freak out. Same email. Lesson Learned: maybe I should stop googling things. :)