Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

If you didn’t hear the theme song from COPS then shame on you. Or rather just shame on my parents for letting me watch that show at such a young age. :)

THE CRAZIEST THING HAPPENED this weekend!! Here is the story:

Chris and I went to San Antonio this past weekend to spend some time with my family. On Friday we had a “Cousins Day.” So it was: me, Chris, Nils (my brother), Katie (his wife), Natalie (my 8 yr old cousin) and Bethany (my 10 or 11 yr old cousin). It was around 5:30 and we decided we needed to get outside because it was such a beautiful day (we’d spent most of the day at The Incredible Pizza Company). So we walked from my brother’s house to Trinity University (about 5 blocks).

On the way there we spot two police cars slowly creeping around. Nils pointed out a police helicopter flying over us and said, “I wander if we should go inside. I hope nothing bad is going on.”

So I wave down one of the police cars and ask him, “Sir is there something going on? Should we go inside?”

Police Man: “No you are fine. There is a man running from us and we can’t catch him.”

Again, unsure of our safetly. Me: “Sir, are you sure we are ok out here?”

Police Man: “Absolutely, just call 911 if you see a white man in a green tank top running around.”

What?!! Are you serious?!! There is a mad man on the loose, but we are to continue going on??!! Actually we did. It was a nice day and the policeman assured us he wasn’t dangerous.

However, my cousin Bethany asks me, “Becky is there a bad man out here?”

Being the mature adult that I am, I say, “No we are fine. The cops are just playing chase with someone. We’ll be fine.” (Why do I think I can fool an 11 yr old? I obviously babysit too many 4 yr olds!!)

She replies, “Becky, cops are very serious. They don’t play games.”

I realize she caught me in my lie and then assured her that we were fine. We continued to the park and played softball and threw the frisbee.

All of a sudden Bethany freezes and whispers, “Green tank top, green tank top.”

We all look up and realize there is a white man in a green tank top running by us!!!!!!!!

So my brother calls 911 and we all try to distract the girls and act natural. The man looks like he is trying to hide in the bushes. Then he starts working out on the outdoor playground thing. It was so bizarre. After a little while the cops come.

It turns out this guy picked the wrong day to wear a green tank top. Poor guy.

Other fun things from this weekend:
*Chris turned 24!!!
*We went bowling with my Mamaw and Papaw. It was good to see them and Chris got to break in his new bowling ball.
*I used some early birthday money from Chris’ mom to do some damage at the San Marcos Outlet Mall
*Chris and I got lots of good talking time on the way up (and I got lots of good sleeping time on the way back)
*We got some good hang out time with Nils and Katie
*I felt like I really heard from God all weekend. You know how He shows you things every where you are? It was very fun.
*I got some GOOOOOD food in San Antonio