Balancing the Extremes

I can be an extreme person. In my brother's "Man of Honor" toast at our wedding he said it perfectly: "When Becky does something she goes all out... that can be frustrating at times." That comment ensued lots of laughter, but it is true.

I either do something 150% percent or not at all. This might seem like a blessing and when I am going for something good, it is. But if I need to commit to something and I haven't, it is a curse.

Two examples:
1. Hanging my clothes up: I either hang them all up-- I mean color coded by type (tank, short, 3/4, long, etc) OR they lay on the guest bedroom (a.k.a. my changing room) bed until I wear them again.
2. Diets/Lifestyle changes: I go all out and don't cheat once OR I last 24 hours and go back to square one b/c I ate a tablespoon of something "bad."

So last week I had enough with my health issues and had enough with being at this weight. I used to do this detox called the Master Cleanse. It had always had given me fabulous results with my health (no flare ups/issues for months). And a bonus was I'd always lose weight and if I ate right afterwards, I'd even keep it off. So Wednesday I started the detox. The first 3 days are always terrible. By terrible I mean you have chewing withdraws, upset stomach, headaches, etc. Not a fun experience-- but you are getting the junk out.

Well at 1am that morning (still up convinced something is about to come up) I was so convicted. By the way, I love when the Lord keeps you up or wakes you up to teach you something. I always know I need to listen-- He is demanding my full attention.

I just felt like He was telling me to stop it with the extremes-- balance is needed in my life. In all areas of my life, not just my health.

I realized that I wanted an extreme result... and I wanted it extremely quickly. Yes my intentions weren't all bad. I want more than anything to not have to deal with my health issues. It wasn't a bad thing to want to detox my body. And it wasn't an even bad thing to want to lose some weight. But (for me) I need to do it in balance.

I decided I would talk to Erin DuBroc (genius nutritionist and friend) when I got to work that next morning. Y'all guess who was in my office that morning? Yep, Erin. She was dropping something off for Debbie. As soon as I saw her I said: "OK OK Lord, I'll listen to whatever she says." I asked her about detoxes and what her thoughts were. She confirmed what I had thought: they just aren't necessary. If you treat your body right, it will naturally detox itself. And then she said some other things I needed to hear (conviction meets encouragement). :)

Anyway, I am so thankful I started the cleanse because I felt like it did cleanse me out-- I needed to be cleansed from my extremes. I need to find proper balance in all areas of life: my walk with the Lord, my marriage, my friendships, my job, my health... everything. So that is what I am working towards. It has been a refreshing 5 days.