Becky's in Labor!!!

So as we speak Becky's in labor. This is Chris writing on her behalf. She's resting now with an epidural in place, so I figured now would be a good time to update you all on her progress.

As we speak now, she's dilated to a 5 and 90% effaced. For non-pregnancy people, she needs to get to 10 and 100% effaced before pushing. So we're well on our way!! We came in this morning around 10:45 AM and when the doctor checked her she was 70-80% effaced and a 4. Around 2:40 she had her water broken which was quite a funny experience. Becky didn't have drugs at that point, but when the water started coming out she was laughing hysterically. She thought it was the funniest feeling! About an hour later, contractions started to pick up pretty regularly (1.5 - 3 minutes apart) so she decided to go ahead and get an epidural. Since that's been in, Becky can still feel contractions but not anywhere near the pain that was there before. So she seems quite comfortable. She's resting up now for the big moment to happen later tonight!
As far as me, I'm enjoying this experience quite a lot. I've gotten to talk her through a couple of contractions, rubbed her back for a little bit and been at the center of all the action. I told her earlier this afternoon, "I'm so glad I'm your husband." While our experience hasn't been stressful (up until this point), my respect and love for her has grown over the past few hours. She's full of joy and thankful for this whole experience. Her feelings have been contagious! So I'm pleasantly surprised so far and full of excitement to meet our little girl tonight :)
We have a waiting room full of family (11 total) waiting on pins and needles for updates. They've been extremely supportive so we can't wait to have quality family time tonight with them when she comes.
That's all we have for now... hopefully you'll be seeing a post later tonight with her first pictures! We love y'all and couldn't thank you enough for praying for our family all throughout today. We've received so many text messages, voicemails, Facebook messages, hugs, etc. that we feel extremely loved and blessed to be connected to all of you in some way.