Bed Rest is Not My Thing

After our little trip to Labor & Delivery on Monday things seemed to calm down. Until this morning...

I woke up to contractions. No big deal I thought. They had told me that they'd pick up once the shot wore off. Not to worry as long as I didn't have more than 6 an hour (so every 10 minutes).

I laid in bed for a while trying to wake up and started timing them. They were about 12 minutes apart. I bit closer than the 20-30 minutes apart they were the day before. An hour later I moved to the couch to get on my left side and start chugging the water (both help stop or slow contractions).

An hour after that I they were coming every 8-10 minutes (I had 7 that hour).

I so didn't want to be that person that called my doctor every day. I hate seeming like a high maintenance patient. But thankfully Chris was home and gave me no other option but to call.

My OB's nurses are just the sweetest women you will ever meet. Becky (yes we have the same name) answered and started laughing with glee when I told her. She was so excited for me! Then she realized how far along I was. So she gave me strict instructions to stay put the rest of the day-- a 24 hour sentence to bed rest. Plus drink lots of water and take a Benedryl (this also helps slow contractions apparently).

She said if they stay the same call by the end of the day and they'll want to see me first thing in the morning. But if they pick up and get closer to call right away and they might have to admit me again.

So on the couch I stayed. Good news is they slowed back down to every 20-30 minutes. The bad news...well, let's just say I am SO NOT MADE TO BE ON BED REST.

It was such a good thing Chris had to work from home today due to the weather because he was my Sheriff all day making sure I didn't move. Such a good hubs.

Y'all be praying for him because it seems that I'm not the only one that lacks patience, I think I've passed on a bad gene to my daughter.