Being a Cardinals Fan is (more) Fun

The Cardinals are so very close to getting the Wild Card for the Play Offs. So you can only imagine the excitement in my house.

I fell in love with Chris 4 years ago when the Cardinals made it to the play offs... then made it to the World Series... then WON the World Series. I love seeing the little boy in him come out.

As I told an Astros fan last night, "It's just more fun being a Cardinals fan." They couldn't believe that a former Astros lover could switch over. I didn't switch over just because they win more (no offense Astros fans). It's more than that, it's a totally different experience. The fans truly are one of the kind. I wish Astros fans could be the same way. I loved that last night there were more Cardinals fans than Astros. I love that the fans dress all out in Cardinals shirts and hats and.... not business suits and cute dresses. I loved that when the team did good, they cheered. When the team did bad, they cheered. They support their team.

As I texted Chris this morning with a pic of Karis below, "Regardless of how the season ends, one thing is for sure: The Cardinals have a new fan this year. Her name is Karis Kiser."

Now please enjoy these photos of the cutest little Cardinals fan ever:

And here is a video of her watching a very important game with her Daddy. I can't get over how much Karis looks like Chris! She is a Daddy's girl and there is NO denying it.