Belly Pic: 19 Weeks

So I still think it is weird to post pics of the belly online. I never once thought I'd be excited to post pictures of my growing belly! :) However, I know how much I like them of other pregnant ladies and I know that one day I'm going to really like that this was documented somewhere.

So how are things going?

Weight Gain: -3lbs. The cruise helped me pack on 2lbs, so I am very close to being back to my original weight. Not that I am in any rush to start packing on the pounds, but I know the day is coming. :) I have embraced it. I'm trying to make good choices the majority of the time, but I'm not obsessing over it. As my physical therapist says: "this is not the time to lose weight or get in shape." The drugs have helped give me an appetite again. I am feeling MUCH better. It has been 10 days since I got "sick." Subsequently it's been 10 days since of been on drugs. :) The dosage ran out today. So we will see...

I am really enjoying this stage of my pregnancy. The past two days have been so incredible to call the baby by name: Karis.

Someone asked me if we intentionally had her name to sound like Chris'. No. Her name is pronounced "Care-issss" (like the is in "hiss"). Not "Cah-ris."

Still no movements yet. Doc said that the way my placenta is placed will not allow me to feel her for another week or so. At first I was sad to hear that, but then I realized that the day will come when she keeps me up all night with those kicks. So the waiting game is just fine.

I love being a mom. I go in her room many times a day. My favorite thing is to sit in the chair in her room and just dream about what life will be like and pray over her. Love our time in there. And I love how the sunlight comes in the windows.