Belly Pic: 23 1/2 Weeks

First does anyone else see "23 1/2 weeks" and think, "Are you serious?!" I just can't believe I only have 4 months left of pregnancy! I enter the 3rd trimester in a couple of weeks!

Here is my most current belly pic (by current I mean, I took it about 3 minutes ago. Sorry it's blurry, blame it on my iPhone):

One of my favorite websites to see what's going on with Karis is: I Am Pregnant. I love it because it gives you documentary type pictures of what your baby looks like instead of cartoon drawings. It also does a great job of telling you what is going on developmentally. Read what is happening this week for her HERE.

What's unbelievable is that from head to bum she is already 8 1/2 inches long and weighs 1.2lbs!

I believe it too because I can feel kicks and punches all over the place now... and at all hours of the day and night! She especially loves kicking right after I eat. She either has really been loving what I've been feeding her or really hating it because she kicks non-stop about 15 minutes after I've started eating every time. The other really cute things she does is often if Chris is talking for a long time, she starts kicking. I am certain she can tell his voice now (which is backed up scientifically too).

How am I doing?
-Getting sick hasn't happened in a couple of weeks!! I am still nauseous for a bit in the morning, but no more running to the toilet! Which has been oh so nice.
-With that said, as you could imagine, since I finally have an appetite, the weight gain has finally started. I have officially gained a total of 3lbs. But, I'm not focusing on this number too much. I know it's going to continue to climb (as it should) and I'm just trying to make mostly good choices and know that it will all come off after wards with some work. So far my top craving has still been salads. I have to have them as often as possible.
-I still am loving being pregnant. I love that strangers can confidently ask about my pregnancy now and people I know feel comfortable rubbing the belly (which doesn't bother me at all-- love on her as much as you want). Every time I walk by the mirror I smile. It catches me off guard, but I love the bump. And Chris does too. He has finally gotten comfortable saying how big I am (it was a weird for him at first, but then he realized I liked it) and rubbing the belly a bunch too.
-Today we met with our future pediatrician and LOVE her! So glad to have that box checked.
-Yesterday we ordered the bedding! So let the decorating begin!!
-I also ordered the car seat cover-- which I'll wait to reveal which one until it arrives.

Other than that I'll wait till the next post to talk more about what we've decided: drugs or no drugs. That has been a long process with lots of unexpected turns along the way.