Belly Pic & Update: 25 Weeks

As my mom says every time I send her a new pic: "Now that's a big belly!" Yes it is. Crazy to think that I still have 14 weeks left to go. I feel like it's as stretched out as humanly possible. :)

This week we hit the 100 days till Karis get here mark! Can you believe that?

I have been feeling really good! Loving this second half of the second trimester. Night time has gotten a little rough-- hardly sleeping (but I'm certain I'll be thankful for this Boot Camp once the baby comes). I have officially hit a heat wave (internal) and we still have another 20 degrees to climb up in Houston. My hands get a little swollen on hot days, but other than that it's not bad, I really like the heat (I say that now). Also, many of you have ask how my health issues are doing (there as concern pregnancy would case some flare ups)... things have been great! We are pleasantly surprised with how well its been doing!

Our little girl has been kicking like CrAzY!! It is so funny to see my tummy move all the time now. Literally I am laughing out loud all day long.

Sweetest part of all: Seeing how Chris is just heads of heels in love with her. I have fallen so much more in love with Chris watching how he loves his little girl. He still kisses me first before he leaves for work in the morning, but he never misses kissing Karis (through the belly) too. He talks to her all the time, rubs my belly non-stop, takes pictures of it, and sings to it. Oh and he is a total softy for her. He has already bought her many things. I don't even have to try to convince him to get stuff, I just hold up stuff I like and he gets it for her. Its so sweet. While he may be a softy for getting her things, he will not allow her to get into financial trouble. He is already talking about the Quicken account he'll set up for her to track her allowance. So cute. The other adorable thing is that he started reading a book called: "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters." Is this confirmation or what that he is going to be a present dad? The main point that he has taken away: He now hates teenage boys and already has all kinds of rules for her dating.

I am so in love with my little family.