Belly Pic & Update: 32 1/2 Weeks

Everyone that sees me is quite skeptical that I will make it another 7 1/2 weeks. I have to admit I have my doubts as well!

I would love for this little girl to stay in at least another 4 1/2 weeks though so I can make it to my last shower and my sweet niece's 1st birthday isn't interrupted by her cousin.

However, I did see it fit to rob my brother of all his attention during his second birthday (I came on April 14th and he turned 2 on April 17th). Still I will do everything I can as an Aunt to keep Karis in till at least July 25th (she's not due till Aug 14th).

I'm going to laugh so hard if she is two weeks late! Scratch that I won't laugh at all. ;)

How is Karis?

She is rockin' and rollin' lots and lots. I had my first scolding for her the other day. She is in perfect birthing position already (head down, face down). Which means legs up... like right by the ribs. Apparently her favorite thing to do lately is to feel my ribs against the bottom of her feet. Those sweet little tap of a kick days are no longer. They are strong and full of energy. Still 99.9% of the time she cracks me and Chris up with the alien style moves she makes my tummy do. It's really hilarious. We met with my OB this week and she is still doing great-- great heartbeat and right on target size.

How am I?

I was discharged from the hospital last Friday and Saturday was a perfect day. Fabulous shower and we spent the whole day with Chris' mom. It was fabulous to be among real people again! Then on Sunday night I started feeling sick again. Monday I spent the whole day on the couch and watched my fever climb back up to 101.6. Ugh. After a follow up call from the OB, they wanted me to take it easy but come in first thing the next morning to see how this thing would run. The next day, of course, I woke up feeling so much better and fever free (isn't that always the case right before you go the doc). He has run a full line of tests again. There is obviously some sort of infection going on, just one that is seriously undercover! Thankfully I have remained fever free since Monday, so I am resuming life as normal again. :) It's been such a bizarre week to say the least!

We will keep watching things and trusting that the Lord has all this in His hands. Our confidence has been that the Lord has a plan for this pregnancy, Karis, me and Chris throughout all of this. We are simply called to continue walking in faith through it all. We are enjoying every moment of things and each day gets more and more exciting as her arrival gets closer and closer!