Best FREE Stock Photo Sites

Finding stock photos that are both awesome and truly free is nearly impossible. I get so irritated when I search for "free stock photos" then am told that I will get "free stock photos" but I either end up having to pay or sign my entire life away to get them. No thank you. 

I wanted beautiful images for social media and the studies we write with Sacred Holidays and like most start ups, my budget was zero. After nearly a year, these are my favorite go to pages. I've had them bookmarked individually but thought I'd pull them all together... for both of us.

In no particular order, since all our preferences are different, these are my top sites I go to with a little description of each: 


I want to like this site, and I do because if you want high quality and free, well you can only be so picky. However, I feel like their download time is really slow. Also, the search fields and selections and fresh uploads seems lacking. Still, I still use the site because the photos that I like, are worth it. I just feel you have to dig a little. 


Death to the Stock Photo

So the major disadvantage of this one is the you can't search for what you want, they email you 10 a week once you sign up by giving them your email. I will tell you they really don't spam and you really do get 10 high quality images each week. I wouldn't recommend this unless you use stock photos on a regular basis. They are actually some of my favorite pictures and works if you file pictures away to use on specific projects. Not good if you are always looking last minute. 



This site I LOVE but it is not for everyone. They have "normal" stock photos, but if you like to have fun with the images you use, they will have exactly what you were hoping to find! They allow a lot of humor in the images that they host on their site. They still have the standard looking kind as well too. This is one of the first sites I start with. 


Life of Pix

Selection is good, not amazing. I always feel like I have to dig more. Still it's free, so that's awesome. 



This site is a good one BUT there is a slight catch. They have free images AND paid. Of course when you search they show you both. There are plenty to choose from in the free but with the even more awesome paid ones right next to the freebies, you will be tempted to pay or disappointed at times. So consider yourself warned. 



Great photos with high quality and a wide variety of artistic expressions. Easy to search. They do ask you to donate to support the cause, but it is not pressured or required. 



This site is definitely one of my very favorites and most used. I feel like they upload new photos frequently (this is important if you are using stock photos frequently). I also don't feel like I see their pictures everywhere else (people like free stock photos and once you use these sites you'll see lots of repeats). It's easy to download and pics are high quality. You can easily search in the top bar whatever category you'd like. 

Happy browsing, my friends! 

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