Best Mommy Advice

Since I made fun of others for giving Mommy advice in this post, I thought I'd be a hypocrite and share the best advice I've ever gotten. But I do it only because it really and truly was helpful and positive.

I am a doer. Two of my top 5 Strengths are Maximizer and Achiever. I like results. I like game plans. I like action steps. I like follow through. And I expect results.

Well having a little one who I have a limited amount of control of has been so good for me. Read good as good for me... yet hard process... yet needed process. Karis' personality, really since utero, has been: at her own pace (if you push she won't progress) but once she does something she gets it 100%.

At different stages I would see the updates on BabyCenter or talk to a friend about their baby and think: "Karis isn't doing this yet, what do I need to do to help her along?"

I remember at so many stages sharing this concern with my mom. And that is where one of the top two pieces of baby advice I've ever heard came from:

"By the time she gets to Kindergarten she'll have it down. Give her time."
-Dr. Jan (a.k.a my mom)

Sometimes having a mom who has teaching degree, ran a Montessori preschool school for years and later became a clinical psychologist has it's perks. Note, I said sometimes. ;)

Combine that advice with the other best advice I've ever gotten, "No Expectations," and you get a way more laid back, enjoying the moment for what it is Mama.

Not saying that I have it down. Not saying I enjoy every moment. But saying that it helps me relax and stop the comparison.

When I hear a mom talk about how her child says 25 words at 3 months (exaggerating) and my child refuses to say "Mama" and mean it about me, I remember, "By kindergarten..."

Or how her child has already run a full marathon and mine looks like a drunken sailor with her wobbling. OK so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but you get the point. I remember, "By kindergarten..."

What about you? Whether you are a parent or not, what has been some of the best parenting advice you've ever received or seen?