The Big 2-6!

Today I am officially closer to 30 than 20 (which means grey hair and wrinkles are closer than my college years). Since I have so many pictures of myself on our computer from our wedding slideshow, I thought I'd give you some snap shots of my life:

Tummy time! This was me looking fierce for the camera.

My first birthday party. Nils (my big brother by 2 years) was born on April 17th, so we always had joint birthday parties growing up. The plus of that is they were always really fun parties! And yes my friends, this is a polaroid picture.

This is a picture from the Houston Chronicle of my and my "Great" (she is my great grandmother). After my parent's divorce she moved in with my dad to help out. She was such a wonderful woman!! But she did pass down to all us what is known as the "Smith Belly." Which basically means we all look like we are pregnant no matter how thin our arms and legs might be. We will ALWAYS have to pooch. Thanks Great! :)

And Chris thinks that one day I will grow out of my obsession with shoes. This has been a 26 year relationship. The love will never end.

I was pretty much a happy child.

My dad married my stepmom, Robin, when I was 3 1/2. I wore that red velvet dress every where I went until it fell apart at the seams.

First day of kindergarten. I was a private school girl K - 12th. Uniforms were not fun.

This is a picture of me and my best friend Paula (the one on the left). We were super 80s and super cool and very much in love with New Kids on teh Block! Oh and I crimped my hair almost every day. I was totally rad!

The phone was attached to my ear pretty much all through middle school and high school. Remember phone cords? How old school! :)

My mom litterally made me and Nils pose infront of that fireplace every time we left the house. I think she bought the house just because she thought the fireplace would be a nice back drop for her pictures.

Mom took us to the beach just about every summer of our life. I know Galveston is gross, but it is the closest beach we have and I embrace it for what it is.

We had our mustang spirit blue for Northwest Academy (now Houston Christian High School) on. Yes, I wore my socks that high then. It was the cool thing to do. (Notice my brother wasn't quite as cool as me, only midway up the calf.)

I became a believer when I was 16 years old. My life took a drastic change the summer before my junior year. Times alone with the Lord have forever shaped who I am.

I was Homecoming Princess my senior year.

The first of 12 surgeries!

Senior pic.

Texas A&M Football game with Karley. Red, White and Blue day.

Mission Trip to Zambia, Africa to work in Aids Orphanages. I seriously wanted (and still want) to wrap them all up and pack them in my suitcase and bring them back.

5 colleges in 5 years.... I was the special child (Nils did 1 college in 4 years). But let it be known that I did get my diploma and I have had quite the career(s) so far! :)

Chris proposed and I said yes!

Engaged for four 1/2 months

Now I am officially Becky Kiser.