The Blog Announcement

So remember when I mentioned here that I had a blog announcement for my blogging community? Well here it is...

I want to do a BOOK CLUB!
Erin Woods you were the first to guess correctly,
so I'll be sure to get you a copy of the first book we do!

I have really been wanting to start a book club with some girl friends for a LONG TIME now. Like the past 5 years long.

But when I look at my calendar, I just can't commit to one more thing.
I don't want to be gone one more night during the week. And I hate continuous commitments on the weekends (except date night).

And all my friends' lives are the same. And I know your life is the same way too.

But I love reading. Love it.
Love reading ALL kinds of books. Fiction. Non-fiction. Inspirational. Best sellers. Random Unknowns. Biographies. Christian. You name it, I'm open to it.

But given our busy schedules book clubs are last on the list.

So what would you think about
doing a Book Club here on the blog with me?

What books? I think we will read a book a month. I will post a blog in a couple of days asking for your suggestions. I was thinking that after that I will collect all the names and then do a blog a few days later and y'all can vote on which book we read next. After that we will get a list going. So be thinking about what book(s) you'd like to read this next year.

And yes, you can pick and choose which month you do The Book Club. In fact, I think that would be wise. We need to practice the art of saying no to thing when life is too busy.

What will the schedule be?
Jan 10: I will post a blog asking for book recommendations
Jan 13: (Depending on feedback) I will post a blog asking for a vote off on a few selections.
Jan 15: I will announce what book we will be reading (so you have plenty of time to order it or go get it).
Feb 1: I will post a blog asking who is reading with us that month. This way you can know who else is reading with us. (Note: Even if it is just me and one other person, we are going to do this thing.)
Feb 28: I will post a book review with some questions. From that blog post, I'd love for you to feel free to comment away on my blog there. AND/OR just comment with a link to your blog and you do the same.
*Then each month we will repeat the similar schedule.

Will we ever all get together? I hope so! I was thinking maybe 2-4 times a year we could all get together for coffee and dessert at a location or someone's house and discuss that month's book. We will see on that though. First things first.

With all that said, I still don't know what is the best way to work this. So be flexible with me. :)
And, more than anything, I'D LOVE YOUR IDEAS on this, especially if you want to do the Book Club. So be sure to leave a comment.

Can't wait to start this with you!