Do you have the faith it takes to GO?!

This morning I was seeking God about some things. At the end I prayed: “God please speak to me through your Word today, I need to hear from You!” Well, HE SPOKE!

I'm reading through the Bible in a year (through the ESV Study Bible plan) and guess what today's scripture was? Genesis 12! That may mean nothing to you but it was HUGE for me! A month ago Chris and I started this Bible study and the first day was on Genesis 12. It's all about when God called Abram. In verse 1 the Lord told Abram "go." There was no direction as to why or where, just go. I was amazed and so convicted by this. I have never really done that before. I always have a plan or a back up. But to just go and not know why or where sounds crazy!

So this morning, as I read Genesis 12:1 I was reminded by that lesson just a month ago. I freaked out a little and grabbed my journal to digest it some more. How I long for faith like that!!
Then, I continued reading... it said that "Abram went as the Lord told him" (v4). He just went. It doesn't include his questioning (which I'm sure he had to have had) or the crazy looks everyone around him gave him. I mean he straight up left everything because God told him to! No plan, not destination, just went.

I was so struck by his faith. Then as you look further at his travels from the point he first left to the point where He heard again from God (v7) was a total of 350 miles (according to the ESV study Bible)! Can you imagine in those days having to journey on foot and/or with animal plus your family more than 350 miles (that's a 6 hour car drive for us, I don't even know if I'd even do that in a car)! What faith in God!

That's when something bigger hit me: had Abram never gone, the entire Bible would have been different! There would be no Isaac, no Jacob, no Moses, no David or Solomon or Ruth in the Bible... the story would have been different. They may have still been born, but under totally different circumstances. God would still have accomplished his purposes, but through someone else. Abram's choice to "go" wasn't just for him but for his entire lineage.

My friend, Erin, told me about a song this morning that really encouraged/convicted/challenged me: Stephanie Smith: "What if I made a mistake"

Is there something in your life you need more faith in? Some where you need to go (literally or figuratively)? Let me know how I can pray for you today.