Book Club: 1000 Gifts Discussion

This month will be a little different than past months. Since our house sold this month, my daughter turned one and we've been in and out of town and had people in and out of town... I am still only about half way through with this book. I am giving myself grace on this one because I truly don't want to rush through it for reading's sake. I am to absorb it.

With that said, I need your help this month with discussion. I will come in during the next month or so and add in any questions I have. But for now it is up to you!

So, if you were leading this group, what would be some questions you would ask? (Note: you are allowed and encouraged to post your own questions each month, but I know I usually get us started.)

I can't emphasize this discussion part of the Book Club enough. This is our virtual living room gathering each month. This is the place where a book isn't just read, but it has the ability to truly change us. Where in our whirlwind lives we stop long enough to see what it was saying to us. To see how we can love ourselves, our God, and others better.

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