[Book Club] Discussion & Challenge

Ladies, comments and in person conversations have been so amazing! I am so thrilled that this book is changing so many of our marriages. Who knew this book would have THIS kind of impact?!!

Let's discuss a few things...

In the comments share a few of your favorite quotes (be sure to include page number or if you are a kindle/ipad girl the chapter and section name) and also share what that quote means to you. Also, if there are any quotes that you have questions on, put those down and see if anyone can offer you some insight. 

Weekend Challenge:

1. Finish Part 2: Smoldering Questions (ch 8-14)
This is when it gets tough in a book. When you are reading a long with others and you are behind. So you get tempted to stop, to quit, to go at your own pace. Well I can only encourage you that you are exactly in the book where you should be and you can catch up.

2. Do the Mirror Challenge
Turn to page 57 of your book. I think this will be HUGE for us!

3. Choose to: Just say "Yes!"
Because it is a choice. I read this statement by Lauren Chandler on a blog interview she did last week: "I try to be responsive to his approach. The last thing he wants is to be rejected by me. I want to be the most responsive to his advances. It pleases God. It pleases Matt. And, in the end, even when I may not be "in the mood," it pleases me." Also, see page 68 of our book.

4. Something New
Just in case you missed last weekend's challenge, try something new. If you did last week's homework and want extra credit, try something else new. But if you didn't do last week's homework, you have to try something new, anything new (trust me you will thank me later for this challenge).

Check back in on Monday... 
there will be a post you will NOT want to miss. 
I'm pretty sure it is one of the main reasons you chose to read this book!