Book Club: Final Book Discussion

Ladies, we only have one week left for this book-- crazy how this month has flown by!

I want you to pat yourself on the back for sticking with it... EVEN IF YOU ARE "BEHIND."
When it comes to reading, I think we need to GIVE OURSELVES A BREAK. Life has all kinds of other obligations and priorities, this book should not have been at the top of your priority list. So if you are behind and feel bad or if you feel like you just missed out-- don't give up! Keep reading. At your pace. Your time.

TIP: One of the things the author recommended when I emailed with her before our study, was to pick and choose chapters. With Section 2 I ended up doing that. I found that as I read some chapters it was making me focus on things I shouldn't and just didn't need to have those thoughts in my head yet. BUT I know where to go now if I need to reference those topics in the future. 

We will have one more blog post about sex and other intimacy related questions, but this is our last post to discuss things from the book. Feel free to reference back to this over the next week and see what other ladies have said.

Let's Discuss:
1. In your reading what blew you away? Was there anything you applied that really changed your Intimate Issues? 

2. Was there anything you've read that you disagreed with or didn't understand?

3. Any more responses from husbands noticing a change or feedback from them?

4. Anything else you wanted to share?

And don't forget...
*Remember if it is personal to post anonymously! (When commenting: make up the name, put your real email (it will not show), and do NOT put a website)

*COMMENT TO OTHER POSTS-- this is how we are able to have a virtual discussion group!

Love you! So proud of you for hanging with this!