Book Club: The Help Challenge

Sorry to blow up your blog feeds today (well truly I'm only half sorry, because I'm really excited about the blog posts). There were several things that needed to post for the Book Club and the 15th is Book Club post day. So there you have it. 

This is a new thing for the Book Club: a monthly challenge. So bear with me as I figure this out over the next couple of months. But the purpose of it is to make you think. To challenge you a bit. And to provide a way for you to showcase what you are reading and learning on your blog as well (something several of you have requested).

So now for the challenge...

I want you to play the part of Skeeter, but for your community. Think about something that disappoints or even outrages you about something you see in our current day and time. Write about it. Challenge people's minds. Be bold. Be brave.

Just this past week, I told some hard things to my Bible study. Before I said it I asked them, "Haven't you always wanted a friend who would just be honest with you?" Everyone nodded their heads. I replied, "Today, I am that friend. You may hate me when I'm done, but know it' s out of love that it is said." Take this approach. Let your readers know you love them. And it is from a heart of love that you are writing this. Try not to condemn. Give hope. But point out wrong. Be bold. But be vulnerable (point out your weakness too). One thing a mentor of mine has always said, is make it a habit to dethrone yourselves (don't let others think you are something more than you are).

Choose a topic that means something to you. It can be big or small. It can be serious or funny. But make it personal.

So there are 4 steps to do:
1. Write your blog post (see above)
2. Include some where in your post something about this Book Club. To help spread the word, direct them to this link:
3. After you've published it, comment here with a link to your page.
4. Check back in on the comments and check out other people's links to their blogs and give them some comment love.

Don't forget to comment on this post if you want to go see the movie with us! Feel free to invite your friends too, just have them comment there as well.