Book Club: Lineage of Grace Roll Call

What in the world-- it is September 1st! That is just crazy. I have to say even though I am a total summer loving kind of a girl, seeing all the tall boots on Pintrest each day is making me long for fall.  

But instead of tall boots, cozy sweaters, rainy days, pumpkin spiced lattes and general good cheer, we can all escape into dream land since it is fiction month!

This month we will be reading Lineage of Grace. Which is actually a compilation of 5 short fiction stories of 5 women: Unveiled, Unashamed, Unshaken, Unspoken and Unafraid. You can read all the stories or just the ones that intrigue you. Your choice. Your book club.

Who can participate? Anyone who HAS or WILL read the book.  I've had a lot of people tell me, "Man, I wish I could do it but I just read it a few months ago and don't have time to re-read it." No worries. If you've already read the book, you can still join in for our challenge and discussion.

How things work? We all check in on this post. Then come back on the 28th and we will have our virtual living room discussion. Check out the Book Club page for more details on the Book Club. 

For more details on the book, read this post: "Book Club: September Book Revealed."

OK, now for the Roll Call-- answer the following questions in the comments. Be sure to check back in and comment on other people's comments (this is what makes it more like a club and less like just reading a book).

1. Name
2. Where you live
3. How you heard about Book Club
4. Why you want to read this book?
5. Since this is a book about influential women, who has been the most influential woman in your life (you can list more than one if you'd like)?