Book Club: March Roll Call

Can you believe that it is already time for the March Book Club?

Last month was just a blast reading Intimate Issues with you!
BUT I have to say I am ready to read something fiction! ;)

This month's book is Pride and Prejudice. 

Who can be in the book club?
Anyone and everyone. Feel free to ask friends and family to join in.

I don't have my book yet, can I still participate?
I won't get mine book in till Thursday (see below).

Where can I get the book?
To find links to buy it go to this blog.
I went to my library yesterday to get it for FREE. But, of course, it was already checked out (probably from the tens of people doing the book club-- wink!). But they were able to get it for me by this Thursday from another branch.

Is there a reading schedule?
When I get my book copy in I will post a flexible schedule so we are all tracking along together.

OK... So it's roll call time in the comments. 

Answer the following questions:
1. Name
2. Where you live
3. How you heard about the book club
4. Which version of the movie you like better: the newest one with Keira Knightley or the 6 hour version?
5. Would you want to do a viewing of either movie at the end? If so, I'm willing to host-- but I have an old school TV (the boxy kind), so if someone else is willing to host, let me know.
6. If you have a blog, put a link to it, so we can lurker on your page too... or maybe we will come out! 

*Don't forget to not post anonymously now! ;) Be sure to include your name, email and website (if you have a blog link).

Love y'all!