Book Club: May & June Book Revealed

First, for all the Book Clubers, I need to apologize to you.

I am so sorry for my absence this month on the blog with the Book Club. I hate excuses, so I really won't give you one. But if you want to know the reason, life got busy and life got hard. So not only am I behind in my posting on the blog about Book Club, but I'm currently on chapter 2 of the book. I promise to catch up. So please forgive me for not posting a discussion post this Monday or on the 15th posting the new book. I will post a double discussion post on Monday (so we can all catch up).  I have missed you  and hearing what you are learning.

OK, are you ready to hear what we are going to do for TWO months?

If you were paying close attention to this blog post, you already know.


Here is the product description:
Duty or Delight? Knowing Where You Stand with God - Member Book is a 6-week women’s Bible study. Author Tammie Head leads you on a journey of taking your relationship with God from a duty to a delight. This is a subject she’s lived, and you will enjoy her candid transparency. God is not looking for us to perform for Him, He’s looking for us to delight in Him. Many of us hit invisible barriers when we seek the Lord with questions like:

  • Is God happy with me?
  • Does He really love me?
  • Am I doing enough?
  • Why do I feel guilty all the time?
  • Why can’t I seem to grow more spiritually?

Join Tammie on a journey to overcome spiritual insecurity using six foundational truths from Ephesians 1:3-23. You will discover the beautiful news that God has not only chosen you for a deep, soul-satisfying relationship but He also constantly supplies everything you need to know Him this way. 

If you’ve been longing for a deeper relationship with God, this study is for you!

Um, yes please. 

It's actually a Bible Study, not a book. Which I think will be really neat to do with one another.

Have you ever started a Bible study and not finished it?
If you said yes, you are not alone!
The great thing about doing a Bible study with a group, is that there is accountability to finish it. Also, there is a circle to share what you are learning. And a place where you can learn even more as you hear what others are hearing from the Lord.

I so hope you join us.

You can buy the book at the following links: any Lifeway bookstore or at I don't know for sure, but I'd be willing to be that Houston's First has them too.

We will start up on Monday, May 2, so order your books ASAP.