Book Club: May & June Roll Call

First, I have to start with a really fun announcement--
Tammie is going to do a Q&A with us at the end of the study!
So as you are doing the study, keep track of any questions you might want to ask her. Not sure of what format we will do that yet, but I'll let you know as it gets closer. 

I am really looking forward to doing this study with you all! I can't wait to grow more. Like I've said before, I've done the 2 beta versions of this study and they really have shaped so much of my walk and truly gave me so much freedom to just walk with the Lord in relationship (not regulations). So I can't wait to see how Tammy has changed things up and what the Lord has revealed to her since the last version. I have heard so many good things.

Our reading schedule: 
May 9: Week 1: Knowing God Has Chosen Us (4 sections)
May 16: Week 2: Knowing God Has Redeemed Us (3 sections)
May 23: Week 3: Knowing God Has Promised Us (6 sections)
May 30: Catch Up week-- Since it's Memorial Day we will take a break. 
June 6: Week 4: Knowing God has Supplied Us (6 sections)
June 13: Week 5: Knowing God Has Commanded Us (5 sections)
June 20: Week 6: Knowing God Has Secured Our Victory (4 sections)
June 27: Q&A with Tammie!

*We will discuss the week on the date listed above, so prepare and have your study done by then.

One thing to take note on is the structure of this study: It is broken up by weeks, but not days. Lifeway and Tammie wanted to try a new format and I can't wait to see how it works. They wanted to make it where you could break up each week into different days OR you can do it all in one sitting or a few sittings continuously. There is more of a flow between "days" (really sections). If you are a structured girl and need a clear starting and stopping point each day, be sure to take note where the breaking points are. At the start of each week you will find a a bolded list that will be your break up guide (some weeks its 3 sections and some weeks it's 6).

Support videos by Tammie can be found here. I will try to link back to the specific one for the week of reading when we do the weekly post.

If you want more details on this book go to: "Book Club: May & June Book Revealed."

Now for our Roll Call: 
If you are going to do this study with us, be sure to comment here with answers to these questions--
1. Name
2. Where do you live?
3. Do you have a blog? Twitter? Post up all your links so we can stalk you! ;)
4. What drew you to this study?
5. Identify one quirk or idiosyncrisy about yourself (from Duty or Delight, pg153).
6. (Optional Question, if you are comfortable sharing) The tag-line for the book says, "Knowing where you stand with God." If you had to answer that question honestly right now, what would you say?

Love y'all! Hope you have a great week starting the study and can't wait to chat more about it next week!