Book Club: P&P Final Discussion

I can't believe we are finished (or about finished) with our final book!

I am so proud of you for sticking with this. I know this book is long and the language is hard to read, but it is such a great story.

If you aren't finished yet, don't give up! Keep reading! 
I have to confess that I still have about 100 pages left to read. We went out of town this past week and I was certain I'd have tons of extra time to read, but that just wasn't the case. So I'm just 6 chapters into this last section.

With all that said, I'll be adding questions as the week goes on. But please help me out and add some questions of your own too.

Also, don't forget the viewing party is this Saturday! Email me if you want to come and I'll add you to the evite!  Can't wait to hang out!