Book Club: Plan B Disc. 1

Can I just say that EVEN IF YOU AREN'T DOING THIS BOOK CLUB, I'd like to invite you to participate in the discussion. I don't think that reading the book is necessary. The questions have really impressed me and I think it will help you wherever you are, regardless of what you are reading or not reading.

For the Book Clubers,  a couple of things first:

Remember no matter where you are in the book- chapter one or already completed- we still want you to participate. The reading guideline is for those of us that need some structure to complete, but it is not homework. So release yourself from that burden. Soak in the book, don't rush through it for completions sake.

Also, if you haven't already be sure to sign the Roll Call and answer the questions HERE.

All questions posted are from the book's discussion section for chapters 1-5 (found on pgs 227-230). And, as always, feel free to add any other questions too.

One more thing: remember to make this a club and a discussion, reply to other people comments. Check back in from time to time and see what others have added.