Book Club: Plan B Roll Call

After reading hundreds and hundreds of pages of a book whose language I only pretended to understand, I am really looking forward to a book that gets to the point and speaks some truth into our lives. Don't get me wrong, I loved reading Pride and Prejudice, but I am really excited about this book.

We are reading Plan B by Pete Wilson this month!
You can see the blog post HERE of when we announced this book--there you will find a YouTube video introducing the book, and there are links to buy the book (paperback or Kindle). 

Every Monday I will post discussion questions, so be sure to check back in on Mondays.

For those of you that want/need a reading time line*, here you go:
Mon, Apr 11: chapters 1-5 (pg 1-63)
Mon, Apr 18: chapters 6-9 (pg 64-140)
Mon, Apr 25: chapters 10-14 (pg 141-226)
*NOTE: You do not have to stay up with this time line. The questions I post will still be applicable to you where ever you are at in the book. But I've had it requested by many people to provide a general reading timeline so we are all around the same place.

Who can join this Book Club? Anyone! This isn't a closed deal. Every month it is your choice if you want to participate. So you can pick and choose what month you participate.

Is it too late to join in this month? Not at all. I'd encourage you to go grab the book or order it ASAP. But the first discussion won't even happen till next week.

I'm so busy or I don't read as fast as most people, I don't know if I could keep up with y'all's pace. Do you have to read according to your reading assignments? We do read a new book each month so that is why we read sort of aggressively, but that doesn't mean you have to go at that pace. You always want to make sure you are getting what you should out of a book, not rushing through it for completion. However, the great thing about the time line is it forces you to actually finish a book (something most of us struggle with). But with this being on the world wide web you can come back and join in on the discussion whenever you are able.
 Now it's time for our April Book Club Roll Call-- 
In the  comments answer the following things:
1. Name
2. Where you are from
3. Why do you want to read Plan B?
4. Do you feel like you had a Plan A (or an original dream that isn't coming into fruition)? What was it?
5. If you could move any where in the world (money was no object) where would you move to do your Plan B... or just to move in general?

See you Book Clubers in the comments!