Book Club: Pride & Prejudice Disc.

Alright, let the discussion begin!

I think how we will work this (for now), is we will do most of the discussions in the comments. That seemed to be the general desire. HOWEVER, if you want (which I hope some of you do) to write a longer post on what you are reading and thinking, I so hope you do and post the link in the comments. I'll have a special comment for that.

I will post questions that I personally think of, find online or are recommended before time. But y'all post your own comment discussion questions.

Who can participate? Anyone doing the book club-- whether you are on chapter 1 or already finished the book. We don't have to be on the same page. (The schedule is a guideline for those that need time lines.) 

This is a blast doing this with you. Love you so.

See you in the comments!